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100m HDBaseT receiver for HDMI, IR and RS232 with audio output

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Key Features

  • HDMI, DVI & Display Port
  • Deep Colour 3D, 4K & 2K
  • 3D compatible & HDCP compliant
  • Signals over a single 100m CAT 5e-8 cable
  • Infra-red & RS232 signal passthrough
  • POH - inline power


The SDS-RX920 is a HDBaseT receiver unit designed to accept a Cat 6 input and output a HDMI signal together with bi-directional infrared and RS232 signals over a single twisted pair CAT 5e-8 cable. The units use HDbaseT technology to extend PC resolutions up to 1920x1200 @60Hz together with 1080p @60Hz. In addition the SDS-RX920 will also de-embed the audio within the HDMI transmission.

The SDS-RX920 is a robust professional product designed for reliability and functionality. The unit meets all the HDBaseT specifications as a receiving device together with an audio extractor function.

The internal digital audio within the HDMI signal is de-embedded and then converted to an analogue stereo audio using a high quality Digital to Analogue converter (DAC), the signal is then presented on a 3.5mm stereo jack socket.

Wide band Infra-Red via external adapters (SM-EYER & SM-LED) and RS232 signals are extended through the same CAT 5e-8 cable between the transmitter and receiver unit up to 100m of cable. Each box has fixing holes to facilitate ease of installation and multiple units can fit side by side on a 1U 19” rack shelf.


  • HDMI V1.3a & DVI V1.0
  • 100m of Cat 5e-8 STP cable
  • Audio de-embedder
  • Noise reduction and de-interlacing ADC
  • Analogue audio output
  • HDMI, Deep Colour, 3D, 4K & 2K resolutions
  • POH - inline power
  • 3D compatible
  • Distributes signals over a single 100m CAT 5e-8 cable
  • HDCP compliant
  • Infra-red & RS232 signal passthrough
  • Wide bandwidth IR transmission
  • Transparent RS232 passthrough
  • In-line powered receiver
  • Locking DC connector
  • Supports 1920x1200 @ 60 Hz


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Narrow Band Infra-Red receiver eye for 38 KHz modulated signal. Good noise rejection, range 8-10 metres.

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Infra-Red emitter to remote control of source devices. This unit is compatible with all Smart-e products.


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