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CAT 6/6A represents all structured cabling formats and is the perfect distribution medium for transmitting audio and visual signals around premises or between buildings, and is essential for High Definition (HD) quality. Traditional systems use a single coaxial cable to transmit signals, which is limited as the cable can only transmit composite video at standard definition, compromising the integrity of the original image and the clarity required by large screens. Using CAT 6/6A cable allows the centralising of AV resources in one area, the sharing of AV resources across the whole building, as well as ease of maintenance and improved security.

CAT 6/6A allows the use of many services over a single cable, producing crystal-clear images and sound. It is now possible to view and control any AV device in a building by installing a single piece of CAT 6/6A cable to each room. Compatible with all known HD resolutions and capable of mixing formats, CAT 6/6A cabling has a distribution length of up to 300m.

  • Quick & easy to install with simple, rapid & reliable cable termination
  • Enables superior transmission
  • Provides robust network for all types of AV systems
  • Handles TV, VGA, Audio, RS232, USB, Ethernet & power
  • Permits equipment upgrades
  • Eliminates potential earth loops
  • Balanced signal driving copes with varying ground potentials
  • Rejects intrusion of external noise and interference (fluorescent lighting, motors, power cables etc.)

CAT 6/6A refers to CAT 6 and 6A structured cabling.

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